Allie Kessler, Two Paths Spread sample reading

Two Paths Spread, sample card reading

What I love about Tarot is how creative you can get with it. There are many different types of spreads (card layouts), only limited by your very own imagination. This empowers you to be able to ask questions about specific issues, as well as be able to refine and redefine the questions/issues as you receive more insight and as you grow.

I recently have been considering a new direction with my career, and found an excellent spread called the Two Paths Spread that begins by letting you know where you are now (with card number 1) and then examines and compares the benefits, downsides and possibly outcomes of two choices. Here is the spread layout:

Visual layout of the Two Paths Spread

Choice A = Working for myself
Choice B = Staying in my current job

I chose the Wild Unknown tarot cards for my reading, and here is the resulting layout:

two paths spread layout using the wild unknown tarot deck

  1. Where am I now? 7 of Wands
    This card speaks of the importance of listening to my own inner light. Others may not see my vision and will have strong opinions as to which path to choose. I must hold true to myself in the midst of what others think I should do. I need to stay strong, confident and resolved.
  2. Benefits of Choice A: Father of Wands
    I will be the master of my own destiny, a powerful magician, a creator. I can do anything I set my mind to! This card speaks to me of being able to make things happen from a wise and experienced state. I have the opportunity to be an inspiration to others and a leader.
  3. Downside of Choice A: 9 of Wands
    It is like choosing the longer and more difficult path. I will encounter obstacles and likely trip as I climb up the staircase. On the other hand, the payoffs will be satisfying and worth it.
  4. Probably Outcome of Choice A: 10 of Cups
    Happiness! Emotional rewards at the highest level… “radiating energy” according to the Wild Unknown description of this card.
  5. Benefits of Choice B: 4 of Pentacles
    Although the safest and most secure choice, this card speaks of being tied to the system based on the need of financial stability. The benefits of this choice are being able to pay the bills and maintain a reasonable standard of living.
  6. Downside of Choice B: The Sun
    This card confused me at first. The Sun is a very positive card and the first glance would hint at no downsides. Upon staring into the card, the meaning presented itself to me: this choice will take substantial amounts of my energy. It will be difficult for me to maintain this choice in the long term as it will be exhausting to me.
  7. Probably Outcome of Choice B – Son of Pentacles
    I will remain in service to my job and to the system. I may feel trapped, with my head down, doing what I’m told.

All in all, I was very pleased with this reading. If you have anything additional insight, please comment below!

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