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The true purpose of anxiety

I think the word “anxiety” is the perfect descriptor for those times when you are feeling overwhelmed, not in control or feel something is wrong, but your thoughts are just a muddled mess of which you cannot make sense. Just sounding out the word an-zi-e-tee seems to roll off the tongue easily, correspondingly describing something that is not easy to describe – especially to those who do not experience anxiety.

Another way to look at it is: your higher self is trying to alert you to the fact that you have wondered off your path and is sending signals for you to make some sort of change(s) to realign yourself. The anxiety rears itself when the message is not coming through clearly about exactly how you might be astray, and further complicated by a lack of clear steps or solutions for what you must do to resolve the discord. The predicament and resulting stress arise when you understand something is wrong, cannot go back to the state you were in before the anxiety appeared, and cannot move forward either due to obstacles, missing information, and the difficulty and complexity of changes being asked of you.

For instance. What if you started feeling more and more disengaged or dissatisfied at work. The implications mount as you contemplate leaving your stable job for what… risk and financial instability in pursuit of some abstract illusion? As these two contradicting circumstances start to play back and forth in your mind, anxiety could appear as the part of you who does not want to take a risk or be financially vulnerable stands its ground against the other part of you saying there is something else you need to do this lifetime and delaying for too long will result in missed opportunities and, worse yet, an unfulfilled life purpose.

Sometimes living with status quo or settling for mediocre seems the better alternative to uncertainty. That is, until one can bear it no more and is finally ready to throw it all away for something different, accepting the consequences for one’s actions no matter what they are.

This conversation falls under the domain of the major arcana Tarot card number 20 Judgment. This card traditionally has an angel on the top of the card playing a song for the person or people below. This song is different for every person and signifies a calling or life’s purpose becoming known and the person it’s being played for must start making more responsible choices in line with this new prescribed direction. This is not a song from which you can hide or ignore for long, as it typically gets louder and clearer as time passes. My advice to you know is to pay attention to your intuition on where you are supposed to be going and what you are supposed to be doing this lifetime. How do you know if you are making the best decisions? It’s easy – they are the ones that feel right. And the more correct decisions you make, the more opportunities present themselves, like magic.

So next time anxiety makes an appearance, study it closely, analyze it and take it apart. It plays an important role in being able to harness your intuition, live in agreement with your life purpose and can be a very good indicator in decision making.

Some skills were given to us as important gifts, and unfortunately today’s society says “there’s a pill for that.”

3 thoughts on “The true purpose of anxiety

  1. Hey Allie, this message came at a very opportune time. I was laid off last week creating some anxiety to say the least. Your words are soothing and I feel you wrote them just for me. Thank you for who you are.

  2. You are very welcome Bob. I’m so sorry to hear that you were laid off and I’m glad I could help a little in these hard times. And for additional inspiration, I like to sing to myself, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” from the movie Finding Nemo:

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