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The elusive meaning of life unveiled

For those of you who read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when they were 19 like I did, and then started to search for the meaning of life more seriously after that, this article’s for you and will save you some time.

If you are on your own search and do not want a spoiler alert at this point, close this article immediately and I wish you all the best in your travels! It will come to you at the right time.

the number 42As some background, I, like other students from my high school graduating class, were taught growing up that the meaning of life went as follows: Graduate from high school, go to university for four years to obtain a degree, meet the love of your life, get married, have kids, and settle into life as prescribed.

Unfortunately, after pursuing post-secondary education right out of high school and suffering through a year of courses I didn’t find meaningful, nor were of any interest to me, I thought that maybe the meaning of life was across the world. So I packed my bags and jumped on a plane to Australia, wandering amongst beautiful places for a year, meeting some wonderful people along the way. Strangely enough, even though the meaning of life may have been embedded in some experiences along the way, I realized that it wasn’t present in greater quantities across the world than it was in my own back yard, and returned home, hands empty.

Many more years passed, and I began to believe that the meaning of life really did equal 42 (as stated by the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie). 42 is as good as any other randomly-assigned number; and perhaps it was a trick meaning that the ultimate question “What is the meaning of life?” is unanswerable because it is not the right question in the first place.

The answer was finally revealed to me in an epiphany, and now that I know it, I believe it has been staring me in the face all these years and I didn’t see it. The meaning of life is, quite simply, interactions. My first instinct was to write “human interactions” or “interactions with humans”, but to narrow it down would not be complete. The true answer is: Interactions with living creatures, on all levels, including plants, animals, and everything on earth, including the forests, rivers, air, and even the sun, the moon and the sky.

The true meaning of life as I now understand it, being interactions, is much different than what I was taught growing up, which is based on tangible achievements and life goals. Interactions shift the focus of life to the present and various moments as we go about our day, interacting with people and things, and away from the outcomes of those interactions. My conversations with people before I discovered this new way of living were more likely to be taken personally, trying to gain recognition, or (unconsciously) awarding a “winner”. Looking back, those old ways of conversing seem silly and petty, but at the time they were so ingrained to how I interacted, that I didn’t even see them.

Perhaps we as a society take certain things for granted. It is just assumed that everyone knows how to interact and converse that we never really spend any time teaching and learning on this subject. Leaving something this important to chance and experience seems rather neglectful and luckily there are some people out there who are naturally adept communicators, true friends and loving beings to all.

So it turns out that the meaning of life really is something as simple as the number 42. The real question becomes how do we let other people know this great truth in order to create a more caring world community. This reminds me of when I went down to the river at lunch time a few days ago with a co-worker. There were three people standing in the middle of the pathway, arms outstretched, and big signs saying “free hugs”. Without thinking, I ran to get myself a free hug and after the exchange felt immensely lighter and happier. It’s the little things like this that demonstrate without words the importance of interactions and how much we need to bring them back into our lives.

I challenge you, yes you, to take a look at every interaction of today and pause for a moment to really appreciate them. From the stranger you smile at as you pass by on the sidewalk, to the person behind the counter at the store, to your partner, friends and family. Make each interaction like that of a free hug and you will find that you are energized and feeling better than ever when each day comes to a close.

3 thoughts on “The elusive meaning of life unveiled

  1. Dear Allie,
    I read your blog on reading cards and how they can help shed light on certain issues or subjects. I have always struggled with that concept. The scriptures teach us that we are not to get involved with fortune tellers and to find our paths and direction from God through prayer and meditation and reading/studying scriptures. So, as a Christian it would be wrong for me to rely on card reading.
    Christian teachings are clear that we should follow Christ and accept Him as our personal Savior and to be our guiding light by following Him and keeping His commandments. He teaches us to Trust and Obey.
    As my friend, I immensely trust you and like you but how can I come to you for card reading when Christianity teaches me that card reading is from the “dark side” or from Satan? Most respectfully, Bob.

  2. Hi Bob, Thank you so much for your comment and questions. Challenging ones yes – and I had to take a moment on how to respond.

    First off, I would say that if your religion and beliefs go against card readings, then perhaps a card reading is not for you. However, I have this to offer.

    Card reading has been shrouded in mystery, suspicion and myths since they appeared in approximately the 1600s. Very little was officially recorded about the cards and certainly this was a time when witches were burned at stakes and it was illegal to hold such a pack of cards. Vague details have been researched, gathered and surfaced to give us limited insight as to card reading history. It could be inferred that “the secrets to the universe” were hidden in a pack of cards and passed down through the generations to keep them safe and intact. Fast forward to today’s time and card reading has turned into a popular art and past time. There are hundreds (or maybe thousands) of beautifully-drawn decks available all over the world, highlighting different themes and aspects of life. The world is much different than it once was.

    I cannot speak for all card readers, and I’m sure everyone has their own method of card reading. However, for me, I am an intuitive card reader. This means that I listen very quietly for communication with my higher self, which I could also call my soul. (I tend to use the words “intuition”, “higher self” and “soul” interchangeably when speaking and writing.) Being that I am taking counsel with true self during readings, I can say without a doubt that when I engage the cards, I am working in light and love and not the other side.

    Just this past weekend, I gave a card reading to a man who has hit bottom in his life and is consumed with addictions – you could say his world is fairly dark right now. We did a card reading on how he could straighten out his life and the cards returned common sense instructions for this man to follow in order to regain his self-worth and confidence. Specifically, the messages included encouragement to move on from a traumatic event that involved cheating, a complete overhaul of his monetary situation, and guidance to wrap up a cycle that had gone on for far too long, bring it to a close and move on to the next level of life. This sort of advice can be better accepted by particular individuals when randomly appearing in a layout. The messages may actually be taken far more seriously when delivered in this manner as the querent can take time to think over the card reading and the meaning of it all.

    So, in answer to your question, and speaking directly from my heart and what I know to be true, card reading is an amazing way to get in touch with your higher self for guidance and direction in life. Should we rely solely on this method? Of course not. Prayer, meditation and reading scriptures are also extremely important practices. At the same time, there should be some allowance for openness and errors. For example, I stumbled upon a copy of the “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark” by Laurence Gardner, where it was suggested that the word “worship” was mistranslated and that it likely should have been translated into “workship”. In other words, citizens need to complement their worship, with corresponding service and work contributions to society and humankind, otherwise only half the essence of that word is being delivered. I am able to perform “workship” through card readings in order to heal people and light their paths.

    And in coming back to your question, I would be inclined to look deeper into WHY the church would instate such strict Laws around card reading. My very nature is to not accept things at face value, and to investigate matters on my own accord to draw my own conclusions. As we move further away from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, it would serve each one of us well to analyze and question everything around us so that we may build a better world – one that does not deplete the world’s resources and create such a large divide between the super rich and the rest of us. As such, my intentions are of a high level and pure.

    Thanks again for your questions Bob,

    • Dear Allie,

      Thank you for your well thought out comments. Wow, what a talent you have and your writing skills are amongst the best I have ever seen and experienced and I say that with conviction as I read a lot.

      As I read your words I see some of my short comings and realize that most of my life I have moved in blind faith. This is was how I was taught but you are right that we are in a rapidly changing world and perhaps I need to recognize that I may be wrong about numerous things.

      However, I was right about you the first time I met you. I felt there was a deep spirit in you that could offer the world some deep insights. I knew I had met somebody special and no matter how you may have been treated in the past by some people, I recognize your special purpose in your sphere of influence.

      So, I think I need to think things over but deep inside I believe you are right about card reading. Perhaps we can do it sometime to help me open my mind and perhaps give me some positive direction. Now, having said that, the first time you do a card reading do you think we could keep it confidential for now? I have a partner who is extremely skeptical and lacks self esteem and will need time to adjust. I do recognize that your intentions are pure and of a higher level which I appreciate immensely.

      Most sincerely,

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