Back pain is connected to intuition

A story of back pain and intuition

When I was reading Tarot cards on the weekend, one person wanted to ask the cards how he could find relief for his back pain that had been persistently troubling him for more than 10 years.
This is not a well-worded question that the Tarot cards can easily resolve. However, I ran with the spread anyway and, not surprisingly, the answer clearly pointed to two main solutions: 1. listening to your intuition, and 1. cutting away various activities, patterns and habits that may be instigating and aggravating the issue.

I find that as a Tarot card reader, it is challenging to explain what “listening to your intuition” actually means. Males especially have been disconnected from their intuitions for a long time, in a world and society that emphasizes left-brain thinking. To complicate matters, intuition speaks in feelings, emotions and perception. It can be a very quiet voice and most people miss its messages. Alternatively, people have grown accustomed to ignoring their intuition and it has a way of disappearing into the background, waiting patiently to be invited back into our lives.

This reading got me thinking about my own experience with my own back and sciatica nerve problems that has been bothering me for about 3 years and that the chiropractors and physiotherapists have not been able to fix. At one point it was causing me so much discomfort, I searched “Is my chair killing me” on the Internet. During this extremely painful period, where my back pain was getting worse and worse every day, I didn’t want to hear what my intuition was telling me. It was advising me that I was working in the wrong job and that I would have consider leaving. Additionally, I would not be able to return to a similar type of job as my back pain would reappear. Physical ailments often are signs of underlying psychological issues. It can be easier to suffer day in and day out with the physiological symptoms than deal with the root problem.

Shortly after the reading, and after feeling a tad bit guilty that I had not spent the time and effort healing my own back issues, an idea came to me out of thin air. My intuition said, “look up ‘morning yoga’ on YouTube.” Guess what, I’ve done this quick and invigorating routine two days in a row and I feel like a million bucks. I can move freely again.

So I would like to thank the cards once again for being so helpful. As soon as I asked my intuition for an answer, it was delivered.

Please share any similar stories! Has this kind of thing happened to you?

Author: Allison Kessler

Allison Kessler has been reading Tarot cards professionally since July 2016, exactly one month after she escaped the rat race. Her intuitive readings are from a spiritual perspective. For example, she doesn’t predict what’s going to happen in a certain situation. Her goal is to analyse the spiritual aspects of where you are and what’s happening in order to empower you with the best spiritual advice to move forward in a way that is for your highest and greatest good. Also – her readings are entertaining and fun! Book your reading today!

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