Join Allison Kessler as she guides you on a spiritual journey to tinker with your mindset.

Even if you have a relatively positive mindset already, you will learn new key principles, application methods and ideas on how to be and stay positive no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

What is a 5-Step Challenge?

You'll receive an email a day for 5 days, each one outlining a step for overturning negativity and transforming it into a powerful positive tool that will, in time, shift your life for the better. Once you are done, I'll provide a helpful one-page PDF overview of all of the steps so that you can print it off for a quick reminder.

About Allison

Photo of Allison Kessler

Tarot Card Reader
& Spiritual Coach

Hi, I'm Allison Kessler and I'm an intuitive Tarot card reader born and raised in Calgary Canada. I have been reading professionally for only a short time, since July 2016, and yet I have a gift for being a medium and translator between the higher planes and Earth realms, with particular expertise in spirituality. I am certified in Healing Pathways Healing Touch and am a member of the Knox Church Healing Ministry. As well, I am a budding drum circle facilitator through Circles of Rhythm, with intentions to become more involved with events and experiences having to do with therapeutic drum healing.


"There's a warm and very positive energy flowing through Allie. A bright, shiny light also envelops her. She is sincere, smart and selfless in sharing her awesome talent! Her interpretations opened my eyes about my inner potentials. Her advice on how I could rise from my future challenges are simple, practical and interesting. I left very hopeful and happy. My questions were answered. She hit the spot and I am really glad I went out to meet her. Thank you Allie! Keep on listening to your higher good spirit. There are a lot of people out there who will benefit from your extraordinary gift."
-- Adelaida Angeles Andrade

"Allie, is an amazingly warm and down to earth human being. Her amazing flow of positive energy, incredibly kind demeanour and bright personality makes it easy to talk to her. Everyone who had the opportunity to talk to Allie had nothing but amazing things to say!. Thank you for your support at the 3rd Annual DIL Gala - FLOW. Keep listening to your higher spirit and helping people! You are truly an inspiration."
-- Raman Kapoor, DIL WALK Charity Organization