Top 7 Reasons to Get a Tarot Card Reading

Consulting the cards is a great way to unleash your creative mind for some creative-problem solving. The cards provide different perspectives on situations, relationships, careers, and life. The cards can bring clarity to what that little voice at the back of your mind is trying to communicate. Most of all, the cards provide connection. (This is a tough one to describe.) At their roots, the cards connect us to everything around us, reducing the feelings of being separate and alone and joining us into the greater community in which we are all one.

Here’s my top 7 reasons to get a Tarot card reading:

1. You want to make a change, but don't know where to start

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You want to make a change, but don’t know where to start. This may be qualified as Divine Unrest and can manifest slowly until you are forced to deal with it. Most times, there is no rational way to describe this feeling. Since everything is fine and status quo, it is hard to explain it to others – especially your partner or boss.

Perhaps you just need to tinker with your routine and mix it up. It might be that you are longing to learn or try something new.

When is the last time you broke out of your shell and invited a random person to lunch just to get to know them a bit better, enrolled for a class in something you’ve always been meaning to try or even reorganized your day structure to give yourself regular time to play in the garden, write or paint?

The trick for a balanced and happy life is to make changes often to keep yourself engaged, excited for each day and more flexible.

2. Routines have taken over

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Nothing feels right anymore and routines that once fit like a glove are becoming tedious. The days have started to run together and they all look the same. (At the outset, this can appear to be very similar to list item #1, however, here it takes on a slightly different meaning.)

Creating and implementing routines and rituals can be used positively. For example, by creating a routine on preparing a meal, you can free up valuable brainspace to meditate on an issue or challenge.

On the other hand, routines can become a crutch for staying safe and little by little you refrain from trying things outside of your comfort zone. Let’s say you like to eat at a particular restaurant and you have a favourite dish you like to order and you can predict exactly how the evening will go based on your experiences. However, by not trying new restaurants, types of food, neighbourhoods, and meeting new people, you are minimising your exposure to risk and adventure. This can become tiresome.

This may be considered a small detail or unimportant source of unhappiness, but it has bigger picture impact and consequences and deserves your attention.

3. You are looking for a different answer. One that is outside the box.

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You are looking for a different answer – one that is outside the box. You already know what logical and practical advice tells you. You may have asked friends and family, associates or mentors for ideas and/or guidance and you are unsatisfied with the limited, external options presented. In fact, when weighing between conservative and more risky options, public consensus prefers the former and may outright protest the latter.

Accordingly, the answers you are looking for seem not to be found within today’s society.

4. It's time to find your passion!

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After years of doing unfulfilling work, the time has come for you to find your passion and make a radical career shift or life changes. The cards can help inspire forward movement into new, undiscovered areas. In contrast with so-called real life, the cards’ first priority is not how to make the most money, but on personal abundance, which includes healing, health, growth and development, and being in service to others while being true to yourself. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to creating the life and work you want, forging into new areas, and expanding beyond your personal boundaries.

5. You have a feeling there is more to life

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You have a feeling there is more to life, “This can’t be all there is, can it?” You are looking for something deeper and for what is hidden. The age-old question of “What is the meaning of life?” keeps popping into your head and won’t go away.

6. Old world values and structures are crumbling

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You feel changes in the air, and most specifically with the economy, markets, the country, and globally, and wonder what it going on. The foundations of society seem to be in flux; old world values and structures are under transformation. The New-Age World requires adopting new skills and ways of thinking. Guess what – the cards can help with this!

7. It is fun!

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When is the last time you did something fun?!