The Spiritual Path to Tarot - journal drawing

Tarot and Spirituality

Where does Spirituality fit in with the Tarot? It seems like a strange match for a deck of cards.

The journey into Tarot is commonly referred to as “The Fool’s Journey.” So who is this fool? Does he look familiar? What does he have in his pack? What is the little dog trying to tell him? And why is yellow such a prominent colour?

the Tarot is often called The Fool's Journey

Could it be that we are all spiritual beings having an earth experience? The more I look around, the more this strange declaration makes sense. So The Fool represents every one of us as our spirit decides to make the plunge onto earth and begin a new journey. Let me elaborate on this.

The 78-card Tarot deck is split into 2 sections, as follows. The word arcana means “that which is hidden” or “secrets”:

  • 22 major arcana cards, starting with The Fool at card number 0 and going through to The World at number 21. These cards are seen as the trumps and refer to major life events, external forces that may be beyond your control, and/or spiritual steps, levels or gates through which we must tackle, overcome, learn, deal with, reconcile, and/or master.
  • 56 minor arcana cards, essentially mirroring a regular pack of playing cards and split into four suits. The extra 4 cards are due to expanding the court cards to include a younger female representative. For example, playing cards have Jacks, Queens and Kings, and the Tarot has added “Pages” to the mix to contain Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings.

In essence, the Tarot can be construed as the “Game of Life” or “Book of Life,” which can be shuffled, combined and recombined in almost an infinite number of ways.  When joined with the mysteries, myths and superstition of spirituality, it becomes ingenious, yet critical, to protect the entire system in a game in order to pass it all down through the ages.

The Keys to the Universe

The Tarot contains the keys to the universe. That which is hidden. That which is hidden in plain sight.

What do I mean by this? Well, it could be said the keys to the universe are contained within the bible. However, it isn’t quite that simple. No matter how plainly or how illustratively the bible paints things, they can be (and are frequently) misunderstood, for example, taken literally when they should be taken figuratively, or vice versa; the words are left to interpretation and become subjective. Although the same is true about Tarot cards and readings, you will find an overlap on key subjects and items. The food for thought is not only the interpretations, but the topics and messages themselves that should be considered, measured, discussed, and applied. Things that are repeated or stand out, require our awareness, attention and analysis.

Laws of the Universe

The Tarot cards are connected to the Laws of the Universe. However, mankind seems to have forgotten that there are Laws governing the Universe. These Laws are not taught in schools, homes or churches, nor any other modern-day institutions. In fact, could it be that these Laws were systematically erased from the majority Planet Earth’s population? Indeed, this is beginning to sound like some far-fetched conspiracy theory. On the other hand, once the Laws of the Universe are uncovered and integrated into one’s life (one’s being), life becomes so much easier!

It’s simple. Once you know what the laws are, you can align yourself to live in harmony with the laws, and everything that seemed to be crossing your life or challenging you, will fall away.

If you don’t believe me, do an Internet search for the “laws of the universe” and you will find an abundance of materials on the subject.

Connection to Astrology, the Planets & Ancient Storytelling

The most delightful thing to me about Tarot is that they are fully integrated and intertwined with astrology, the planets, myths and stories. Each “layer” provides additional depth and insight into any particular aspect. For example, the Fool card can represent the sun sign of Aquarius, as well as the planet Uranus. Now, instead of a 2-dimensional view, you can have so much more information to work with when analyzing someone’s personality and life purpose. Another example is the Magician card is connected with the communications planet of Mercury, which in turn represents the astrological sign Gemini. When all three are combined, and the characteristics and traits are compared, the picture is so much more complete.

And the List Goes On and On!

As you can see, the Tarot deck is much more involved than it first appears on the surface. This is also what makes it so much fun to work with.

At the same time, it’s good to have a professional to work with because a reading can be complex to interpret and there’s a lot to read “under the surface.”

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