getting started - booking a tarot card reading

Getting Started

You are considering booking a card reading appointment – how exciting! As excited as you are, you may be a little nervous and not know what to expect.

My intention with this section is to put your mind at ease and let you know what you can expect from a reading with me, both online and in person. I will elaborate on my own personal style and if you still have questions after you are finished reading, I invite you to contact me.

Since all card readers are different, from being down to earth to flamboyant to really fast talkers who want to pack you with as much information in as little time as they can, there are many differences and variables. Most card readers are genuinely interested in providing you with a quality reading, however, there are some that just want to take your money. Like any business, choose your reader with care and look for personal recommendations and testimonials, and don’t be afraid to ask questions ahead of time to ensure a good fit.

booking your tarot card reading

two of wands card from The Wild Unknown deck

My goal in a reading is to make you feel comfortable and give you a helpful and constructive reading that provides you with insight and inspiration to make positive change. This reading is for you, not for me. I encourage your interaction, including clarifications, ideas on what something means to you or how it may apply, and any flashes of intuition you receive during the reading. I provide “intuitive and spiritually-focussed readings,” which is much different than visiting a psychic or a medium. In other words, I don’t convene (directly) with earth-bound spirits for reading material, I connect with my intuition (or Higher Self) for guidance on interpreting the cards. Your input, engagement and active participation is conducive for you to get the most out of the reading.

My readings are in-depth and future focused. Getting a Tarot card reading done that merely confirms what you already know can be entertaining, yet slightly superficial. Let’s dig down into the dirt to uncover the real issues, root causes, and brainstorm creative ideas and solutions. The cards are the perfect tool for asking for specific guidance and insight to create a list of Action Items, which will assist you in consciously directing your thoughts, words and deeds to get your desired outcome. It is important to pay attention to specific themes, reoccurring messages or symbols that can be meditated on or further researched for additional insight. A reading that lasts longer than the reading itself, is priceless.

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