Allie Kessler, Two Paths Spread sample reading

Two Paths Spread, sample card reading

What I love about Tarot is how creative you can get with it. There are many different types of spreads (card layouts), only limited by your very own imagination. This empowers you to be able to ask questions about specific issues, as well as be able to refine and redefine the questions/issues as you receive more insight and as you grow.

I recently have been considering a new direction with my career, and found an excellent spread called the Two Paths Spread that begins by letting you know where you are now (with card number 1) and then examines and compares the benefits, downsides and possibly outcomes of two choices. Continue reading

distractions in the world can make it difficult to get anything done

Why can’t I finish anything?

Living in a society that throws each of us more distractions per hour than we can count on our fingers can leave us with the feeling of always being behind. At some point, we acknowledge that we are never going to catch up and our incentive to stay ahead of the game dwindles. Compound this by the fact that everything has to be attended to “now” as we juggle multiple high-priority items, and rarely have enough time to do a good job on any task, let alone multiple tasks. Why bother at all. Sooner or later we end up dropping all of the balls and even though we’ve admitted defeat, the feeling of having a moment to stay still is long overdue and a welcome state.

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