don't let people drive by and throw their garbage on you

Don’t Let People Throw Their Garbage All Over You

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend a while back and he commented on a phrase he’d heard that goes like this:

Sometimes people drive by you in their car, throw all of their garbage out the window at you and then zoom off.

It sounds harsh (or maybe too descriptive), but this has happened to me a couple times in the last few days, so I thought I would touch on this topic. Continue reading

my messed up sleep schedules

Messed up sleep schedules!

When I was young, I used to sleep like the dead. And I mean this in the most luxurious way possible! Not only would I sleep through the nights, I could often sleep until noon and just loved the feel of my body buried in covers, down in the dark of my cozy and eerily silent basement bedroom.

Now things are different. I believe it started when I was pregnant with my daughter. I just couldn’t get comfortable. I’d roll to one side, roll to the other side. Tried experimenting with pillows. It was no use.  Continue reading

the number 42

The elusive meaning of life unveiled

For those of you who read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when they were 19 like I did, and then started to search for the meaning of life more seriously after that, this article’s for you and will save you some time.

If you are on your own search and do not want a spoiler alert at this point, close this article immediately and I wish you all the best in your travels! It will come to you at the right time. Continue reading

photo of a coffee cup

Coffee is a bandaid solution

It’s been 25 days and counting since I gave up coffee… March 1, 2015 to be precise. This has not been an easy journey and it’s not something I set out to do, it simply happened in conjunction with a 9-day fast I undertook starting on March 1st. From March 1-9, I completed a spiritual fast and was only allowed to intake water, fruit, juice, and I was allowed to supplement with V8. (On a side note, I had never touched V8 before this fast, but I would highly recommend it as a delicious, nutritous snack. It is now one of my food staples.) The headache I had on that first day without coffee was like a sword going through my temples and not something I’d ever want to repeat. (As a second side note, this was my first fasting experience.) Continue reading