Intro to the Balancing Act Tarot Spread

Join me as I share the latest Tarot spread I discovered called the Balancing Act based on the Tarot’s 2 of Pentacles. In this video, I go over the spread so that you can try it out for yourself.

This spread is absolutely perfect for mompreneurs, as well as anyone who is having some issues balancing two aspects of their life. Dig deeper with me to examine the items you are balancing, your state of mind, and what external forces may be in play.

Want to try it out? Download the spread for free here.  There’s a spot to write down the card you pull for each position and your initial notes and observations.

In the next blog post, I’ll be showing you the Balancing Act reading I did for myself as an example, my interpretations, and more importantly, my action steps to help with some of the issues identified in the Tarot reading. Stay tuned and I’ll add the link here when ready!

Back pain is connected to intuition

A story of back pain and intuition

When I was reading Tarot cards on the weekend, one person wanted to ask the cards how he could find relief for his back pain that had been persistently troubling him for more than 10 years.
This is not a well-worded question that the Tarot cards can easily resolve. However, I ran with the spread anyway and, not surprisingly, the answer clearly pointed to two main solutions: 1. listening to your intuition, and 1. cutting away various activities, patterns and habits that may be instigating and aggravating the issue. Continue reading

Allie Kessler, Two Paths Spread sample reading

Two Paths Spread, sample card reading

What I love about Tarot is how creative you can get with it. There are many different types of spreads (card layouts), only limited by your very own imagination. This empowers you to be able to ask questions about specific issues, as well as be able to refine and redefine the questions/issues as you receive more insight and as you grow.

I recently have been considering a new direction with my career, and found an excellent spread called the Two Paths Spread that begins by letting you know where you are now (with card number 1) and then examines and compares the benefits, downsides and possibly outcomes of two choices. Continue reading

Photo of a man in the fog

The true purpose of anxiety

I think the word “anxiety” is the perfect descriptor for those times when you are feeling overwhelmed, not in control or feel something is wrong, but your thoughts are just a muddled mess of which you cannot make sense. Just sounding out the word an-zi-e-tee seems to roll off the tongue easily, correspondingly describing something that is not easy to describe – especially to those who do not experience anxiety. Continue reading