The Yin Yang of Apologies & Forgiveness

Yin Yang symbol - featured thumbnail imageDon’t you just love it when basic life concepts don’t actually click until middle age.

This happened to me recently regarding the relationship between the spoken apology of one person and the corresponding spoken forgiveness of another. I have come to the realization that this is actually a two-step process, or rather integrated energies flowing together much like the yin yang symbol. Continue reading

photo of a coffee cup

Coffee is a bandaid solution

It’s been 25 days and counting since I gave up coffee… March 1, 2015 to be precise. This has not been an easy journey and it’s not something I set out to do, it simply happened in conjunction with a 9-day fast I undertook starting on March 1st. From March 1-9, I completed a spiritual fast and was only allowed to intake water, fruit, juice, and I was allowed to supplement with V8. (On a side note, I had never touched V8 before this fast, but I would highly recommend it as a delicious, nutritous snack. It is now one of my food staples.) The headache I had on that first day without coffee was like a sword going through my temples and not something I’d ever want to repeat. (As a second side note, this was my first fasting experience.) Continue reading