Allie Kessler - My Tarot Mission

My Tarot Mission

My mission in delivering professional Tarot and Oracle card readings is three pronged and stems from my own personal experience, search and journey:

  • To provide in-depth and valuable, client-focused readings where we get to the heart of the matter and creatively analyze and brainstorm the reading together.
  • To provide readings that last longer than the reading itself. I do this by providing helpful supplementary materials, a snapshot of the reading and by encouraging note taking by the querent. 
  • To help my clients connect with their higher self to strengthen their intuition, go within for the answers, become confident in making choices, as well as for healing, growth and self-development.

As I have painfully discovered, finding a confidant to work through problems with is not that easy. Firstly, when going externally for advice, the advice-giver tends to tell you what he or she would do in that situation and give you his or her opinion, instead of assisting you to make the right choice for you. Secondly, it seems many people are risk-adverse and it is difficult to find someone who would say, “that sounds exciting, go follow your dreams,” and thirdly, when trying to figure out what to do in a certain situation, the person you should be asking is yourself, not other people. Given that all of this is quite obvious and yet not quite common sense, it is my mission to help my clients go within to discover the true answers. The Tarot helps us to identify issues and focus the conversation.

Let me start off with a story. Everyone loves a good story right?!

the story quote by Margaret Atwood

Raise your hand if you know your passion and are living the dream right now.

A couple years ago, I needed a change. Working 8 to 5 in the corporate world had long been unfulfilling to me. Over the past 20 years of my working life, I kept thinking, “Things will get bettter. It’s just this particular job. When I get a new position, change companies, get a promotion or raise, things will change and I will be happy. I just have to wait it out and be patient. It’s paying the bills and is a means to an end.”

Even when I branched out and started running my own business, I fell into the same traps of the corporate world and didn’t even know it. Here’s some of the mistakes I made when starting up my own business:

  • Our business hours were 8 to 5. One of the benefits of running one’s own small business would be setting up strategic working hours. Some people work better late at night, some people work better early morning, some people need an afternoon nap and would prefer a range of different hours. The point is, we fell into the lazy trap of fitting in with the rest of the working world instead of creatively designing our work.
  • We were leasing office space (instead of working out of the house). This enables the trapped working hours as set above. This also adds potentially unnecessary expense. 
  • We hired a receptionist in order to be able to delegate work to someone. Who doesn’t want to feel important! (I admit, she was a very cool receptionist. But still.)

In short, we re-created the same corporate environment for our own business to mirror that of the corporate world, instead of looking at things with new perspective.

Helen Keller quote regarding the illusion of security

Fast forward a few years – my business was long gone and I returned to working in the corporate world. (There’s something enticing about a steady paycheque, benefits, etc.) I was back to the same position I was in years ago and more miserable than ever.

That’s when I started journalling. I thought to myself, “If this isn’t the life for me, what is? Surely I can make some changes. All I have to do is make a strategy and a plan, and then work on the steps one by one.”

allie kessler`s journal

the key to journalling is to just start writing!

So word by word, page by journal page, I mapped out the life I wanted, dreaming big. I absolutely love brainstorming and coming up with off-the-wall ideas, so my pages were filled with little bubbles and bubble extensions with specific and intricate details about the working life I wanted.

And then I made a mistake: I went out into the world for validation. I made appointments with my 3 closest and well-respected mentors. I took my plan with me to show them. And guess what. Each person, in their own way, told me to forget my dreams and maintain status quo. They advised: I had the good life. I was lucky to have my job. I didn’t need change, I needed to stick it out and it would get better. Be patient and wait it out. If changes are to happen, they will happen to you when the time is right. In the meantime, continue to “chop wood and carry water” (Zen proverb).

Not one to be deterred and having given up on seeking approval from trusted confidants, I went to see a random Tarot card reader. I thought surely that the Universe would guide me through the cards and help me to make the difficult decisions I had to make in order to change my life from where it was to where I wanted it to be.

And – to my ultimate disappointment – the Tarot card reading was awful. The Tarot card reader, like my mentors, didn’t actually care about my thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, plans, or anything else I had to say. He made up a bunch of bullshit on the spot, would not let me speak at all, and anything that may have been true, was just a coincidence, not actual insight or predictions from the cards. All he was after was my money.


This is not what I expected.
This is not what I wanted to hear.
And most of all, this confirmed my biggest fear, which is:

I needed to go it alone. In order to take risks and live in alignment with my true self and nature, I was going to have to do this all by myself.

sometimes you have to go it alone...

photo by Tim Gouw on unsplash:

Fortunately, after much spiritual growth*, I am no longer at the mercy of other people’s whims and opinions. And a secret is, I don’t even need to tell anyone what I plan to do or am doing. All I need to do is follow my inner guidance and be true to myself. Also, after much deliberation and investigation, I have come to realize that most people stay in their comfort zone and don’t like change. They are looking for safe and secure, and a material/monetarily abundant life. (*I make this sound quick and easy, however, spiritual growth is more of an on-going process and journey.)

So I am here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be this way.

Life is what we create; It is unlimited and exciting and brilliant!

In my roundabout journey, I have discovered a few things. What is lacking in this world are true listeners. People who see beyond the veil and are interested in discovering and translating the truth of the matter. Ones who delve into the depths of reality and possibilities. Ones not limited by surface distractions and obvious solutions.

To make a long story short, and after 40+ years of soul searching, I am here to tell you that the answers you desire come from within, not without. Someone else cannot tell you what you should do, what you want, where you should go, and how to get there. You need to journey within to find the answers that are right for you.

Oh by the way, did I mention that I can help you with that!
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