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My favourite part about card reading is connecting with another person on a deeper level. Much of life can be spent talking about the weather, being polite or not engaging with another in a meaningful way as to get to know the real them better. Society has been travelling along a path serving to distance human beings from each other and lesson the importance of community. What I didn’t realize before is that I actually passively chose that path, agreed to it on some level…as did many others.

About Allie - it's a good time to meditate anywhere!

Impromptu meditation is good for the soul!

When I started card reading, I quickly found out that people wanted card readings to talk about real issues, with real (and possibly serious) questions, desiring direction and guidance. My lifelong search for truth in all areas puts me in an excellent position to be able to help people find answers and receive guidance.  My natural intuitive tendencies, creative outlook and abilities to take the abstract and apply it to physical life in the world allows me to act as an intermediary, translating messages from the universe to the querent (person asking a question) so he or she can move forward, informed and inspired.

My favourite part about card reading is connecting with another person on a deeper level

I was recently certified with Phase 1 of Healing Pathways healing touch. I volunteer at Calgary’s Knox Church every third Thursday of the month between noon and 1 pm – be sure and stop by to try it out (for free)! Did you know your body can heal itself? Healing touch can stimulate your body’s own energy to start repairing and healing itself on many different levels… on levels that you may not even be aware of need healing. This world can be hard on us, and especially the stuff we do to ourselves, so regular healing goes along way.

In April 2016, I attended a drum circle facilitator course put on by Circles of Rhythm. I have been interested in drum circles for a long time and this was a fabulous opportunity for personal and professional development. Every unique and energizing life experience in which I am lucky enough to partake expands my card-reading talents.

Allie goes to drum circle facilitation camp

Allie goes to drum circle facilitation camp

I am also studying at the University of Lethbridge towards my Bachelor of Management. I believe in being balanced in knowledge, skills and abilities. The left and right hemispheres of the brain work optimally when working together (creating a type of brain synergy). Working my way through this program has helped me to establish and grow a variety of skills that can be applied to business and life. Previously, I was in doubt of the benefits of getting a formal education, and my assumptions have been turned upside down because of this program. Through assignments, teamwork and individual studies, I have grown my talents exponentially, including being able to thoroughly research, write effectively, and make engaging presentations to large groups. Who knew I would enjoy this type of work!

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