2018 Tarot Outlook by Allison Kessler

2018 Tarot Outlook

For today’s reading marking the beginning of 2018, I drew 3 cards from the Rider Waite Smith deck: a major, a court card and a number card, as follows.

The Devil: The devil waves to us and looks at us straight on. He’s feeling pretty confident in his position and not expecting that much of a challenge or opposition from us. The devil is sly and shows up for each of us in different ways and at varying levels. He tempts us to spend instead of save, watch TV instead of meditate or spend quality time with our family, eat fast-food instead of cook meals from scratch. You get the idea. The devil isn’t aggressive in his approach, he tends to be very patient, merely looking for opportunities to come forth and present us with rewards in disguise for when we stray from the path.

Page of Swords: The page of swords swings back his sword like he wants to swat the devil away, but hesitates because he’s not an experienced swordsman. Also, wouldn’t it just be easier to go and watch more TV? The message here is that we need to be consciously aware of our thoughts, words and deeds and choose them carefully and deliberately. It takes practice to make better choices, especially as we go about regular daily life. Should we drink pop or choose water, eat a salad or a hamburger with fries, go for a walk at lunch or work at our desk. Unless we practice making better decisions, they take constant effort and don’t become habits. It is our habits which are woven into the fabric of who we are and who we will become. The devil is counting on our inability to be disciplined and stands ready when we give up with a million distractions. Therefore, let’s devote 2018 to learning how to become an adept swordsman, transforming our current habits into better habits one by one.

9 of Wands: Do not despair, the end of these trials is near. All we need to do is stand tall and hold the fort. Instead of giving up on something difficult, just take a break, rest, drink water and meditate. Your energy and resolve will quickly return so you can see this mission through to the end.

In summary: 2018 will be personally challenging for each one of us, but in different ways tailored to our unique personalities and weaknesses. For success, we need to learn the essence of discipline in everything we do. This is very much an inner battle. The alcoholic needs to learn not to drink even when there is a beer sitting right in front of him. However, if we can do the work this year, we can look forward to a much less tedious 2019, and we will be better prepared to deal with matters of a higher nature.

What do you think of the Tarot outlook for 2018? If you have any additional thoughts on the reading, or tips and tricks as to how to triumph this year, please share in the comments below!

Author: Allison Kessler

Allison Kessler has been reading Tarot cards professionally since July 2016, exactly one month after she escaped the rat race. Her intuitive readings are from a spiritual perspective. For example, she doesn’t predict what’s going to happen in a certain situation. Her goal is to analyse the spiritual aspects of where you are and what’s happening in order to empower you with the best spiritual advice to move forward in a way that is for your highest and greatest good. Also – her readings are entertaining and fun! Book your reading today!

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